High Purity 99.9--99.999% Helium Gas Price

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$2.00 - $5.00 / Cubic Meter | 500 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China
Model Number:
High purity Helium Gas
Brand Name:
Wonder Gas
Industrial Gas
Item Name:
Helium Gas
Gas cylinder
Welding Industry
ISO 9001
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
10000 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Video Description
The Mode of Supply


The mode of supply is usually by cylinders, parameter specifications are as follows:

Cylinder TypeCapacityMatch Valve20ft Bulk20ft Pallet
40L 150Bar6 CubeCGA580450 Bottles250 Bottles
47L 150Bar7 CubeCGA580400 Bottles250 Bottles
50L 200Bar10 CubeCGA580A350 Bottles250 Bottles

The mode of supply by gas cylinders

Helium Gas Filling


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Helium COA & MSDS


argon gas argon gas argon gas Helium Gas COA 99.x% Helium Gas COA 99.9x% Helium Gas COA 99.99x%

Helium gas MSDS Informations

1.Chemical Product and Company Identification
Trade nameHELIUM, GASChemical nameAL067A
Common names/synonymsHelium, Compressed; Helium-4TDG(Canade)Classification2.2
Whmis ClassificationAEmergency phone nr+86-021-6601 9678
2. Composition / Information On Ingredients
INGREDIENTHelium FORMULA: He CAS: 7440-59-7 RTECS #: MH6520000% VOLUME99.995 to 99.9999
PEL-OSHASimple AsphyxiantTLV-ACGIHSimple Asphyxiant
LD50 or LC50 Route/SpeciesNot Available  
3. Hazards Identification
EMERGENCY OVERVIEWSimple Asphyxiant - This product does not contain oxygen and may cause asphyxia if released in a confined area. Maintain oxygen levels above 19.5%. Nonflammable.
Skin ContactNoSkin AbsorptionNo
Eye ContactNoInhalationNo
Inhalation effectsProduct is a non-toxic simple asphyxiant. Effects of oxygen deficiency resulting from simple asphyxiants may include: rapid breathing, diminished mental alertness, impaired muscular coordination, faulty judgement, depression of all sensations, emotional instability, and fatigue. As asphyxiation progresses, nausea, vomiting, prostration, and loss of consciousness may result, eventually leading to convulsions, coma, and death. Oxygen deficiency during pregnancy has produced developmental abnormalities in humans and experimental animals.
4. First Aid Measures
EyesNever introduce ointment or oil into the eyes without medical advice! If pain is present, refer the victim to an ophthalmologist for treatment and follow up.
SkinNo adverse effects anticipated.
IngestionIngestion is not anticipated.
InhalationPROMPT MEDICAL ATTENTION IS MANDATORY IN ALL CASES OF OVEREXPOSURE. RESCUE PERSONNEL SHOULD BE EQUIPPED WITH SELF-CONTAINED BREATHING APPARATUS. Victims should be assisted to an uncontaminated area and inhale fresh air. Quick removal from the contaminated area is most important. Unconscious persons should be moved to an uncontaminated area, and if breathing has stopped, administer artificial resuscitation and supplemental oxygen. Further treatment should be symptomatic and supportive.

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Helium Application


Helium Gas Main applications: Laboratories & analysis, Space and Aeronautics, Balloon inflation, Diving Tank and Other industries.

Laboratories & analysis
Helium is the most commonly gas used as carrier in gas chromatography. Under liquid state, at -269 °C, helium is the cooling fluid for the MRI, NMR or EPR magnets.

Space and Aeronautics
The oxygen tank of new-generation Ariane 5 launch vehicle is pressurized by a liquid helium subsystem.

Balloon inflation
The chemical property for helium is totally inactive, it is famous for its “lazy”, so it’s a safe inert gas. No need worry about explosion and combustion when you use helium to fill balloons. Using helium is more security and without any worries.

Diving Tank
Diving tank using helium and oxygen mixture, in order to avoid the occurrence of diving divers.

Other industries
- leak detection - because the boiling point of helium is close (-269 °C or -452 °F) to the absolute zero (-273 °C) He is used for cooling of superconducting magnets - used in helium neon lasers, helium is a component of the special mixtures used in CO2 lasers .

Why Choose US
Located in Shanghai, SEFIC is a professional supplier of gas and gas equipment. Founded in the 90s, the company has already accumulated enough experience and became one of the best suppliers of all kinds of gas and gas equipment. Besides, it is one of the earliest in the country to gain the License of Pressure Vessel Type A2 and C2, ISO9001 and ISO14000 Certification, Private Hi-Tech Enterprise, Hi-Tech Enterprise, and Special Equipment Manufacture Permission. We almost can supply all kinds of gas cylinders with TUV, TPED, CE and DOT certification.

SEFIC has rich experience in business operating and management, and own capability of processing various gas cylinders.SEFIC have adopted certifications of ISO by International Standardization Organization, DOT of America, TC of Canada, TUV of Germany, KGS of Korea and some other certifications.  With safe and dependable products and quality service, SEFIC has established good corporate image and won recognition and praise of the industry.

With high-quality products, competitive prices, fast delivery time and superior service, SEFIC won the customer's trust and praise. Since 2005, SEFIC has established trade relations with more than thirty thousand customers in more than 50 countries and regions. Many of our VIP clients have visited SEFIC repeatedly and discussed the regional agency service with us.Cooperation with SEFIC, we have the following advantages:


SEFIC has implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each gas cylinder can meet quality requirements of customers, and all cylinders have been strictly inspected before shipment.


SEFIC always supply the lower price! We never stop trying to find new ways to reduce the gas cylinder cost, so that we can offer our customers a competitive price. Cooperate with SEFIC, Choose a Trustworthy Partner!



We are committed to work hard to ensure that every shipment of the gas cylinders are safe, punctual arrival, we have a lot of partners which always provide the most rapid means of transportation.


SEFIC has different series and models, for different standards in different countries, and we are committed to providing the best service. Cooperate with SEFIC, Choose a Trustworthy Partner!


ORIGINAL Manufacturer

Cooperation with SEFIC to achieve the sales relationship from the manufactory to the customer, can improve the production and delivery efficiency of the gas cylinder.


SEFIC has professional equipments for gas cylinders. We have the capability to produce more than 50, 000pcs of Gas Cylinders per month.


EXPORTING Experience

SEFUC has implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each gas cylinder can meet quality requirements of customers, and all cylinders have been strictly inspected before shipment.


We accept OEM work, SEFIC can manufacture gas cylinder handle, gas cylinder cap, gas cylinder valve, gas cylinder Mark and gas cylinder color as your required.